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Rattlesnake Ridge Elementary
Grades K-6
8500 N. Continental Reserve Loop
Tucson, AZ 85743
Phone: (520) 352-7000
Fax: (520) 744-3274

Successive Schools
  • Marana Middle School
    11279 W. Grier Rd.
    (520) 682-4730
  • Marana High School
    12000 W. Emigh Rd.
    (520) 616-6400

All descriptions begin in northeast corner and move counter-clockwise.

Rattlesnake Ridge Northern Boundary Map
Northern Boundary:
North of Parcel 11 Continental Ranch Subdivision to Coachline Blvd.
Along Coachline Blvd. north of Continental Ranch Parcel 16 Subdivision
North of Continental Ranch Parcel 18 Subdivision
North of Parcel 17 Continental Ranch Subdivision to Silverbell Rd.
Along Silverbell Road to north of Twin Peaks Highland Subdivision
North of Twin Peaks Highland Subdivision from Silverbell Road to Scenic Dr.
8800N gridline from Scenic Drive to Quarry Rd.

Rattlesnake Ridge Boundary Map
Western Boundary: 
1020W gridline from 8800N gridline to Saguaro National Park.

Southern Boundary:
Saguaro National Park from 1020W gridline to 7800W gridline
From 7800W gridline south of Continental Reserve Block 15 Subdivision

Rattlesnake Ridge Eastern Boundary Map
Eastern Boundary: 
East of Continental Reserve Block 15 Subdivision; east of Stone Ridge Subdivision; east of Continental Reserve Block 9 Subdivision to Silverbell Road.
East of Parcel 11 Continental Ranch Subdivision

Additional Information
If you need additional information, please call our Transportation Office at (520) 682-4766.