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June 27, 2017
12:07 PM

Career Exploration Day
Mrs. MacKenzie speaks on Career Day
DeGrazia Elementary School holds an annual Career Exploration Day in March.  We schedule Career Exploration Day on an early dismissal day. The entire school participates, from kindergarten through 6th grade. Our students are exposed to a wide range of careers from within our DeGrazia community. It is an exciting morning filled with professionals who share their experience, knowledge and educational requirements of their occupation with our students. Check our school calendar for the date of this year's Career Exploration Day.

The morning starts with breakfast for our volunteer speakers. Then the speakers each go to different classrooms. Students rotate through the classrooms in order to hear as many presentations as possible. The older students see 6 fifteen-minute presentations and the younger students see 3 or 4. Many of the presentations are hands-on with great multi-media visual aids. The speakers talk about what they do, how they chose their career, what kind of education and training they needed, and what they like about their jobs. The purpose is to inspire our students to do well in school, and to envision themselves in a meaningful career.

Sgt Sanders speaks on Career Day.Thank You
We appreciate all of the parents and community members who volunteer their time to come and speak to our students.  If you desire to participate as a guest speaker for our annual Career Exploration Day, please contact our school counselor.

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