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How To Do Business with Marana Unified School District
This information does not alter or supersede the Arizona Revised Statutes (A.R.S.) or the Arizona Administrative Code (A.A.C.).

Purchase Orders
We currently have several vendors in our vendor database. Before a vendor can be issued a Purchase Order, a copy of its IRS Form W-9  must be on file in our office. 

All commitments of purchases will be made by an approved Purchase Order number assigned by the Procurement Department. Products/services are not to be delivered without an approved Purchase Order. Vendors accepting orders without a purchase order number do so at their own risk.

Bidders List
MUSD maintains a database of vendors who are interested in doing business with the District. The list is unique to MUSD and the District is not required to utilize any other vendor list. A vendor who wishes to be included on the District vendor list should submit a Vendor Bid List Registration Form. 

Your company is requested to indicate the specific area(s) that you can provide materials and/or services to the District.  It is the vendor's responsibility to keep Procurement advised of any changes to information submitted on the original registration form so that notification of proposals or bids will arrive in a timely manner.

You may also choose to visit the Arizona Statewide Vendor Registration Portal which provides links to State/School District/Public Entity and Arizona Cooperative Purchasing Entity Vendor Registration Websites.  This page was created by Mesa Public Schools for the convenience of vendors as the most centralized source of Arizona Statewide vendor registration links. The goal of this page is to assist vendors with the task of registering with multiple Arizona procurement entities such as the State, school districts, cities, counties, other public and cooperative purchasing entities.

Cooperative Purchasing

Purchasing Rules
Arizona Revised Statutes 15-213 authorizes the AZ State Board of Education to submit rules to the Auditor General. The Arizona School District Procurement Rules apply to purchases above the bid threshold established by the Arizona State Board of Education (currently $100,000). 

The Auditor General is responsible for establishing rules for purchasing below the bid threshold. These rules are found in the Uniform System of Financial Records (USFR) and apply to all purchase below the bid threshold.