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June 27, 2017
12:07 PM

Ms. Reid's Classroom
Welcome to the Team!

Welcome to Team Chupacabra! My name is Gail Reid, and I am the Language Arts teacher for the Chupacabras.

Please email me with any questions or concerns.

Homework and Supplies

Students are expected to always have an independent reading book with them and a folder to be used only for Language Arts. Most work will be completed during class, though there will occasionally be assignments that will have to be finished at home due to time restraints.

Class Description

Students will have weekly vocabulary lessons, grammar instruction and review. Bell-work will focus on spelling and grammar. Literature will be read throughout the school year.

Students will write formal and informal letters, stories, personal narratives, literature responses and poetry. During the school year, students will also write an expository essay and informative report.

The Six Traits of Writing will be reviewed on a regular basis. Writing assignments will be graded on two or more of the traits. Students will be provided with a grading rubric for major assignments.

Students sit at tables and will frequently work with partners or their table group. They are expected to actively participate in a responsible manner.

Odds and Ends

Students will be given ample time to complete assignments.
My grade book will be updated weekly.
Students are expected to be prepared, attentive and treat one another with respect.
There is to be no food or drink (except water) in class- this is a team decision.
Tutoring will be held every Wednesday, after school.
Grades will be updated by Thursday for the previous week.