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April 23, 2014
9:56 AM

Mrs. Reich's Classroom



Mrs. Reich  will be teaching Home Ec. (also known as Family and Consumer Science or FACS) Mrs. Reich's first and third quarter will explore personality, communication, relationships, child development, textiles, and sewing. Some projects students will be making in class include a collage, their own egg baby, and a hand-sewn patchwork pillow which will be made the last four weeks of the quarter.  Second and fourth quarter, students will cover the food related topics including nutrition, food safety and labs that focus on food  preparation. 

Click on one of the links to see a copy of the sewing  supply list  and Mrs. Reich's classroom rules.  To view dates for egg babies and sewing supplies due by quarter click due dates.
You may contact Mrs. Reich by phone at 682-4730 or email