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MUSD Connection

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Easy. Fast. 24/7.

The Marana Unified School District is pleased to offer MUSD Connection, a Web-based tool, which provides MUSD parents and students the ability to securely access student information, class schedules, course grades, current grades, assignments health information, and school events, from the convenience of any computer, 24-hours a day.

To activate your MUSD Connection account, follow these simple instructions:
  • Visit the MUSD Connection Web page
  • Select “Parent”
  • Select “Activate My Account”
  • Enter your first and last name, along with your secure User Activation Key. Contact your child’s school office if you do not have a User Activation Key. Your User Activation Key will be the same regardless of how many children you have enrolled in Marana schools.
  • Enter a user name and password, along with a valid email address for your account. A valid email account is required to activate your MUSD Connection account.

Once registered, parents and students will have the opportunity to view the following types of information:
  • current student class assignments (such as homework or take-home tests/quizzes)
  • current student grades (including the teacher’s grade book and all report cards)
  • student course history (including AIMS test scores, District graduation requirements and completed high school courses)
  • student course requests (student access to register for middle and high school courses)
  • health information (such as immunization records and nurse’s visits)
  • discipline information (including the infraction and consequence)
  • attendance information…and much more!