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Teen Parent Program
The primary purpose of the Marana Unified School District’s Teenage Parent Program (TAPP) is to offer services and support to pregnant and parenting students leading to the ultimate goal of graduation. The program is open to all district students and is housed on the Marana High School campus.

TAPP opened in the fall of 1991 with a grant from the Flinn Foundation. Students are referred to TAPP from school counselors, health care professionals and by contacting us directly. An effort is made to encourage drop outs to return to school (approximately 75 - 80% of TAPP students were out of school) and to retain students who became pregnant. Effort is made to assist those students who are behind in credits. Flexible scheduling and alternative education may be available.

The TAPP program is comprehensive in nature, offering many components designed specifically for the teens it serves. There are currently four major components of TAPP:
  • Education
  • Health Care
  • Child Care
  • Case Management

The education component includes three formal classes:
  • Prenatal care
  • Parenting
  • Child Care Skills

We also offer parenting education through the Parents As Teachers program which includes home visits, developmental screenings and referrals.

Vocational training includes:
  • Pre-employment skills
  • Job placement

Health Care
The health care component includes well baby care through education, referrals for prenatal health care and well baby. Groups are also available on campus for mental health issues.

Mental health assistance is provided by the Arizona Children’s Association and consists of individual, group and family counseling.

WIC is also provided on site once a month.

Child Care
Child care is available at Marana High School for the children of TAPP students. Children ages 2 weeks to age 4 are enrolled in the child care center, which provides developmentally appropriate activities and toys and is licensed by the state of Arizona. TAPP parents, as well as other vocational students work in the center along side three adults.

Case Management
Case management is the last component of the comprehensive program. The specific needs of each student are identified as well as a plan of service. Our TAPP coordinator serves the role of case manager, linking students to the agencies and serving as an advocate for each student.

Pregnancy Prevention
Pregnancy prevention is also a large part of TAPP. Our teen parents have formed a Teenage Parent Panel which speaks to students and interested community groups. TAPP students are eager to spread the message that completing your education should come before parenting.

We often link a teen parent with a student that has been identified as highly at risk for teen parenting. In addition, approximately 80-100 students per year experience Baby Think It Over, an infant simulator that gives the student an experience similar to that of a new parent.

For further information about the MUSD Teenage Parent Program please call Coordinator Alissa Gopp at (520) 352-2400 ext. 5424.