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June 27, 2017
12:08 PM

School Sponsored Clubs
Extracurricular Activities & Clubs with Sponsors
Academic Decathlon- Ms. Edmonds, email
Athletic Training - Ms. Dickey, email
Auto Club - Mr. Citro, email
Baccalaureate Club - Ms. Dickey, email
Band - Mr. Attebery, email
Baseball - Mr. McManus, email
Be Kind Club - Ms. Thorpe, email
Boys Basketball - Mr. Corner, email
Boys Soccer - Mr. Bixby, email
Boys Volleyball - Mr. Ruff, email
Choir - Ms. Ross, email
Creative Writing & Book Club - Ms. Foster, email
Criminology - Mr. Yebra, email
Cross Country - Mr. Corrigan, email
Dance Club - Ms. Penazek, email
DECA - Ms. Burge, email
Everyday Christians - Mrs. Cloutier, email
Fashion Club - Ms. Anderson, email

FCCLA Culinary - Mr. King, email
FFA - Ms. Haller, email
Fine Arts Tour Club - Ms. Barker & Ms. Ross, email

Flying Tigers - Ms. King & Ms. Angulo, email
Football - Mr. Litten, email
Future Educators Assoc. - Ms. Gopp & Ms. Cozad, email
Girls Basketball - TBA
Girls Golf - Ms. Sugameli, email
Girls Soccer Club - Mr. Tarquin, email
Girls Tennis - Mrs. Honea, email
Girls Volleyball - Ms. Meade, email
Key Cub - Mr. Ewing & Mr. Bergesen, email
Les Belles et Les Betes - Ms. Thorpe, email
Library Club - Ms. Dawson, email
Marine Biology Club - Mr. Dozier, email
Med Start - Mr. Ruff, email
Mu Alpha Theta
- Ms. Shermer & Mr. Bourguet, email
National Honor Society - Mrs. Christensen, email
Newspaper - Ms. Christensen, email
Orchestra - Ms. Vega, email
Photography Club - Ms. Frieden & Ms. LaFaye, email
Pom Color Guard - Ms. LaFaye & Ms. Ingmire, email
Science Olympiad - Ms. LaFaye, email
Skills USA Construction - Mr. Sugameli, email
Skills USA Multimedia Photo - Ms. Elias, email
Skills USA Software - Mr. White, email
Skills USA Welding - Mr. Webb, email
Softball - Mr. Corona, email
Student Council - Ms. Gonzales, email
Swim Team - Mr. Koellisch, email
The Good Club - Ms. Dawson, email

Thespian Club (Drama) - Ms. Barker, email
Tiger Cub Preschool - Ms. Vincent, email
Track - Mr. Dozier & Mr. Honea, emaill
World Travelers Club - Ms. Hunt & Ms. Edmonds, email
Wrestling - Mr. Hiley, email
- Mr. Jones, email
YES Club - Ms. Salazar, email

No students may have meetings or activities without sponsors