From the Attendance Clerk - Mrs. Alejandra Hernandez

  • Alejandra Hernandez If you have any questions about registration, attendance, absence, or tardy policies please email me, or call (520) 579-4800 extension 7002. If you need to fax a document to our school, the fax number is (520) 579-4840.  

    Attendance Guidelines and Tips

    1. Your student needs to be in class at 7:45 AM when school starts. If they are being dropped off at 7:45 AM, they will not have time to get to class which will result in an Unexcused Tardy. Many teachers start “Bell Work” promptly at 7:45 AM. We recommend your child arrive at 7:30 AM daily to ensure they make it to class on time.
    2. Please only have your students miss school when it is absolutely unavoidable because we are in school for only 180 days a school year. When a student misses 18 days every year for 13 years it adds up to 1 ¼ years (234 days) of missed school. This includes showing up late after appointments and leaving early for appointments.
    3. If your students need to miss a day please inform the office no later then 9:00 AM by calling our hotline at (520) 579-4848. It is a 24 hour recording. All students must be accounted for by 10:00 AM everyday. You should call the office about your child's absence.
    4. If you need a homework request include that information when you call in the absence and the work will be in the front after 2:30 PM. Requests for homework need to be made no later then 10:00 AM. Please note that homework is generally requested after 3 days of absence.
    5. Your children should arrive on campus no earlier than 7:20 AM. If they are eating breakfast they can arrive at 7:30 AM. If they are too early we will call to have them picked up until the correct time. There is not any staff supervision prior to 7:20 AM.
    6. If you need to get a message to your student please call before 1:15 PM as messages are given to teachers at 1:30 PM. Instructional time is not interrupted for routine messages to students.
    7. MOST IMPORTANT please inform us of any and all address and phone # changes immediately for the welfare of your student. 

    Please call me with any questions or concerns at (520) 579-4800 ext 7002. I look forward to working with you and your children during the new school year!  

    Mrs. Alejandra Hernandez
    DeGrazia Attendance Clerk

    It’s a GREAT day to be a Dustdevil!!!! 

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    Phone: (520) 579-4800 ext. 7002
    FAX:    (520) 579-4840