Registration Requirements

  • In order to expedite the registration process, we request the following information be provided at the time of registration:

    1. Immunization records.  You must have current proof of immunizations before your student can register. (Arizona State Law) Immunization Information
    2. Birth Certificate - original or certified copy of birth certificate.
    3. Two proofs of residency. (examples: lease, mortgage, any utility bill that proves residency at that address)
    4. Copy of report card or current grades.
    5. Your student must be 5 years old prior to September 1* to register for kindergarten. 
      *Exception may apply: contact the school principal to discuss. 
    6. Official notice of withdrawal. If you are coming from a school in Arizona you must officially withdraw from that school and obtain a withdraw notice before enrolling at your new school.
    7. Is your student currently under suspension or expulsion from another school?   _____ yes   _____ no
    8. Is your student currently in any Special Education Program? _____ yes   _____ no
                   If you answered yes you must have a current IEP, contact the school of attendance before any schedule can be created.
    9. Has your student ever received extra help in math or reading? _____ yes _____ no
                   (i.e., Title Math, Remedial Reading, etc.)

    Additional Information Needed

    Additional forms required at enrollment, including the following, are located within the pages of this section and/or at the enrolling school. 

    • Enrollment Form (Available in both English & Spanish)
    • Home Language Survey (Available in both English & Spanish)
    • Student Status Questionnaire (Available in both English & Spanish
    • Arizona Residency Guidelines and Forms
    • Internet Website & Social Media Channels Release Form
    • Media Release
    • Use of Technology Form 
    • Health Information

    Other forms may be required to be filled out at the school site.