Dismissal Procedures

  • Please spend time going over our school’s dismissal routine with your children and stress the importance to them not to deviate from this routine.


    After school our students generally go to four different areas: 1.) To the buses 2.) To the front gate or cafeteria for parent pick-up or to walk home 3.) To LEAP for after school care 4.) To the east side of school for daycare van pickup.


    We recognize that sometimes routines change, so if your child is going home in a different way, write that change on a note and have your child give it to the teacher, or email that change to your child’s teacher. It would be helpful if you also copied that email to Chrissy Roepke our attendance clerk. If you forget to write the note, or if you have an emergency during the day, you may call Chrissy at the front desk, 579-5150, and she will get the change to the teacher. We cannot accept calls after 1:30 pm on Monday through Thursday and 11:15 am on Friday. If we do not have a note or a call, we will send the student home in the normal way. Please only call the office for emergency changes, as last minute changes to your child’s dismissal schedule creates an unsafe situation for your child. If you want your child to ride home with a friend on a different bus, you and your child’s friend’s parent must write notes that approve this change. Both students must bring the notes to the office and a bus pass must be written for the child that is riding a different bus that will enable the child to board the different bus.


    I also want to remind you that parents and other adults will only be able to escort students through the front gates in the morning during the first week of school. After this time, parents will need to sign in at the office and wear a Visitor tag. This is to ensure that we know what adults are on our campus.


    Thank you for your help in keeping our school orderly and safe for our students.