From the Attendance Clerk - Laura Woolbright

  • Laura Woolbright As the attendance clerk I document attendance, absences, and tardies for our school. I also enroll your child and report school enrollment numbers to the state. It is also my privilege each week to announce our Badge of Honor winners for students and staff.  Badge of Honors are passed out in recognition of Observing safety, Respecting others, and Acting Responsibly.

    To report your child’s absences please call (520) 352-7010. Please include student name, teacher, reason for absence, planned date of return, and contact number in the message.

    When you speak with anyone in the front office it is our goal to be able to answer any of your questions, address any of your concerns, and alleviate any of your anxieties and fears.

    I work closely with Tami Terpstra, our school secretary, and Tatsue Moreno, our Health Aide ensuring that students and parents alike enjoy their experiences here. We welcome any concerns and suggestions.

    Many of your questions can be answered on our school web page, or the District web page. If you cannot find the answer in either place, please feel free to contact me: 


    Laura Woolbright - Email
    Attendance Clerk
    Phone: 352-7000.

    Rangers Lead the way…. OOO- RAH!

    Rattlesnake Ridge Attendance Information:

    1. Drop off your children NO earlier than 7:25am.  There is no one on duty until then.
    2. Pick up is no later than 2:10pm Mon-Thu and 12:15pm on early release Friday. 
    3. Use our 24 hour attendance hotline if your child will be absent.  352-7010.



    • We believe that regular attendance, beginning in Kindergarten, is vital to the educational progress of our students. Learning is a continuous process that is best achieved by consistent attendance and participation in school activities by your child. We appreciate your cooperation in keeping absences at a minimum so that your child will not miss the presentation or practice of skills and concepts.
    • Your healthy student should only miss school when it is absolutely unavoidable. When a student misses 10% of the school year or 18 days this accumulates to over 1 and ¼ years over the duration of their school years.
    • If your student needs to miss a day please inform the office no later then 9:00am by calling our attendance hotline at (520) 352-7010. It is a 24 hour recording.
    • Teachers will prepare a complete package of “make-up” work for students who have been absent for three (3) days or longer.  For absences of one (1) to two (2) days, teachers will work on an individual basis with the student upon their return to school.
    • Please call the office as early in the morning as possible, but no later than 10:00am to request the work. Please plan to pick up the work between 2:30pm - 3:00pm, allowing teachers time to get all necessary paperwork and books to the front office.




    We value the instructional time that we have with our students. Because of this belief and to decrease the number of interruptions to instruction, students should be present in class by 7:45am, the official beginning of our day. If a student is not in class at this time, he/she will be given a tardy slip. Tardies are recorded on the report card and entered into permanent records. 

    MOST IMPORTANT: Please inform us of any and all address, phone number and emergency contact changes immediately for the welfare of your  student.