Meet the Associate Principal - Gary Landis

  • Gary Landis First and foremost, I am truly honored, blessed, and excited to be the Associate Principal at Twin Peaks K-8 School. Throughout my educational career, I firmly believe in providing the best possible educational experience for every child and I have learned that every single person or student I meet is exceptional, special, important, talented, and gifted. Every. Single. One.      

    Prior to joining the team at Twin Peaks, I worked nine years as a high school English teacher and six years as a Language Arts teacher at the middle school level. Over the past three years, I have served on many committees (Evaluation Committee, Grading Committee), I piloted Q.P.A. (Quality Performance Assessment), was Mountain View’s PBP Liaison, and worked with Pima Community College in the K-12 Curricular Summit, among many other jobs. During my educational career, I have enjoyed building incredible relationships with my students, parents, and community stakeholders. 

    Twin Peaks K-8, over the years, has garnered one of the best reputations in the area for a caring staff and student success. At Twin Peaks, we focus and encourage our students to live by being kind and caring to each other in all avenues of life. Parent involvement is highly encouraged and we live by the PBIS philosophy of being “Respectful, Responsible, and Ready to Learn.” 

    As the Associate Principal, I have a passion and desire to help every student succeed in this life and I truly believe that Twin Peaks is the best place to make it happen.  Please do not hesitate to contact your child’s teacher, or give me a call if you are ever concerned or simply need a voice to listen. We are all here to serve you.  I look forward to working for you as the Associate Principal at Twin Peaks. 

    With Warmest Regards, 

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    Associate Principal, Operations/Athletics and Discipline/Attendance.  
    Twin Peaks K-8
    Phone: (520) 579-4750

    As Associate Principal, Gary Landis oversees Operations/Athletics and Discipline/Attendance.