Box Tops & Labels for Education

  • Ironwood participates in the General Mills Box Tops for Education program, the Campbell's Labels for Education  program and the Tyson Project A+ Program.  We collect the coupons or labels on products and they send us cash or supplies for our school!


    Box Tops

    Clip Box Top coupons from hundreds of participating products and send them to school.  Please make sure that the coupons are trimmed on the dotted lines and have not expired.  Box Tops coupons are worth 10 cents each when our school redeems them from Box Tops for Education.

    Another way you can help is to sign up to support our school at the Box Tops for Education website. You will learn about new and easy ways to help our school earn the extra cash it needs.  If you shop online through the Box Top Marketplace, Ironwood will receive up to 8% of your purchase as a donation at no extra cost to you.  You can shop at Barnes and Noble, J.C. Penney, Lands’ End, Oriental Traders, Office Max, and many others.  When you register online, please make sure you are signing up to support Ironwood Elementary School in Tucson (there is one in Phoenix).


    Campbell’s Labels for Education

    Most Campbell’s brands are eligible, including Campbell's soups and beans, Prego sauces, Swanson broths, Spaghettios, and Goldfish crackers.  For a list of all eligible products, check the Campbell's Labels for Education website. Please send in the UPC code from the products or the portion of the label that indicates how many points that product is worth along with the UPC code. 


    Tyson’s Project A+

    Tyson’s Project A+ will pay the school 24 cents/label.  Labels are available on all of Tyson’s ready-to-eat products.  Please send in the portion of the label that has the A+ logo on it as well as the 1-2-3 information (they are next to each other).  For more information, check the Tyson's Project A+ website.  


    How to Submit Labels and Box Tops

    Please send in your Box Tops and labels in clear plastic sandwich bags.  Please do not write on the bags (we will reuse the bags to submit the Box Top coupons).  Instead, please write your child’s name, grade, and teacher’s name on a piece of paper and include it in the bag. You can send them in with your student or drop them off in the clear collection box in the front office. Thank you!



    Please encourage family members, friends, neighbors, and co-workers to clip Box Tops and labels too. It is a free and easy way for everyone to help out our school community!

    Please contact us with questions or suggestion.