Common Questions about LEAP

  • Talking Frog Q: Why don’t you just expand the LEAP site and hire more staff so you can open more spots in LEAP?

    A: If enrollment is high enough, we work with the school principal to expand the school site as long as space is available. In our larger schools, space is limited due to room use by the school, Fire Codes and DHS (Department of Health Services) requirements.  

    Q: Why don’t you just bus kids from a larger site to another site that has room?

    A: Space on the busses is limited. We would need to pay the cost of another bus and driver in order to accommodate most of the families on the wait list which is cost-prohibitive. Also, DHS requires a staff member to be on the bus with the students who are transferred to another LEAP site. To do so, the staff member must leave a vehicle at the other site in order to be on the bus with the students bussed to another LEAP site. Therefore, she would have to find a ride back to the other school each day to get his/her car in the evening at the end of her shift. Even if this plan were to work out, the extra space on the bus, when available, is often limited to only a few students. 

    Q: Why don’t you open another site for larger schools with high demands for LEAP at a school nearby?

    A: We currently have LEAP programs at each elementary already. 

    Q: Do teachers take priority on the wait list over other parents who aren’t teachers?

    A: No. Our program supports our entire community and students are registered on a first-come, first-served basis. 

    Q: How soon can I pre-register for LEAP for the next school year?

    A: Pre-registration is open to our currently enrolled families in April and to our new families in May. Several of our programs are open in the summer. Families may register during that time. We encourage early registration to ensure your child a spot in LEAP. 

    Q: Do spots open in LEAP throughout the year?

    A: Sometimes spots become available depending on if we are allowed more rooms for space, get more staff hired or if families move out of district. It is best to call the school’s LEAP site to check availability during the school year. 

    Q: If space is available at the site for growth, do you hire more staff?

    A: Yes. However, this process often takes a few weeks. We must post the position, interview, complete background checks. Our program is housed in Marana Unified School District and is licensed by DHS. Therefore, we must have DHS required documentation from the candidate in addition to our school district applicant documentation before they can start working. 

    Q: Do you have extra staff on hand in case you need someone right away?

    A: Yes. We hire On Call Aides to fill in for emergencies and absences. We hire positions year-round, including summer months. 

    Q: Are most LEAP sites able to enroll all families requesting services?

    A: Yes. Most of our sites are able to accommodate all families enrolling. 

    Q. Once I enroll my child in LEAP are they in for as long as they go to that school or do I have to enroll each year?

    A. Enrollments for LEAP are done each year. If a child enrolls it is just for that school year. In April as a current family they get the opportunity to enroll in LEAP again for the next school year before it is open to new family’s enrollment in May. 

    Q. If my child moves schools during the school year does their spot in LEAP move with them?

    A. We do try to accommodate moves if we can, but this depends on if the school they are moving to has space for enrollment. There is a chance we may not be able to accommodate the move.