Speak Up! 24/7 High School Tip Lines

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    From Bullying, Drugs, Alcohol, Weapons & Violence


  • The Marana Unified School District has ‘Speak Up’ Tip Lines specific to each high school within the District.  


    These tip lines offer a 24 Hour safe and anonymous option for parents and their children to speak up about bullying, drugs, alcohol, weapons, and violence. 


    Each SPEAK UP Tip Line allows the caller to leave a voice message which will be reviewed only on school days. All reports will be reviewed by that schools’ administration. All credible reports are investigated and acted upon in accordance with District policies. 


    In the event of an emergency dial 9-1-1. "SPEAK UP" is NOT an emergency or crisis line.   


    SAFE AND ANONYMOUS      24/7

SpeakUp Tip Lines

  • Marana High

    (520) 616-6444


    Mountain View High

    (520) 579-4445


    MCAT High

    (520) 682-4776