Welcome to Roadrunner Elementary

  • Welcome to Roadrunner Elementary School where our scholars are all College Bound. Roadrunner Elementary School, within the Marana Unified School District, is a preK-6 school dedicated to ensuring that we meet the needs of each one of our scholars through a rigorous, engaging, and enriching school experience.  Each of our grade levels provide a comprehensive curriculum designed to challenge our scholars at their individual learning levels.  They are provided rich 21st Century learning opportunities through the integration of technology and classroom cultures built on problem solving, teamwork, and collaboration.

    Home of the Roadrunner, our school offers full day FREE kindergarten, pre-school, before and after school care, gifted and special education, full-time Master level school counselor, health services, librarian, music, arts, physical education, and more. In addition to regular instruction, we have specialists who provide support by differentiating tasks for learners in need of intervention and providing challenges for learners in need of acceleration and enrichment.  Additional opportunities are provided in our Afterschool Academies where our scholars can participate in a variety of activities designed to develop sensory, attentional, cognitive and motor capacities. 

    We also take great pride that our school was awarded the prestigious 21st CCLC grant through the State of Arizona, providing funds toward before and after school enrichment clubs and intervention opportunities and programs for students.

    As a Marzano High Reliability School that has achieved Level 1 certification, creating a Safe, Supportive, and Collaborative culture, we are committed to transforming our school into an organization that takes proactive steps to ensure student success. Level 1 certification is the foundation for every level that follows. Without such a culture, student achievement will be compromised.  

    Our foundation is built on a culture of strong relationships between staff, scholars, parents, and community members.  We have a dedicated PTO, supportive community partners, and a long tradition of community events centered around family.  We are proud to have built a learning community that understands the importance of nurturing the whole child and building a culture where the success of every scholar matters.