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Safe. Dependable. Efficient.

  • The Marana Unified School District covers 550 square miles with school buses providing safe, dependable, and efficient transportation in support of inspiring students to learn today and lead tomorrow.

    Like you, our desire is your child’s safety from the moment they leave your home in the morning until they return safely that afternoon. This can best be achieved by working together. You can help by discussing with your child a few simple but effective precautions concerning their time away from home.

    These precautions include making sure you and your child know the following:

    • The walking route to take to and from the bus stop and the proper behavior en route
    • The safety precautions and appropriate conduct to be maintained at the bus stop and on the bus, including use of safety belts
    • The correct bus route number
    • What to do if the bus is more than 15 minutes late
    • Carry school ID at all times

    In addition, it is critical that your child always boards and departs the bus at the correct stop as known and approved by you. A signed note from the parent/guardian is required for a student to ride a different bus or to get off at a different stop. The note must be given to school staff who will then issue a bus permit for the student to provide for the bus driver. Children should be at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled pick up time.

    Although we hope it will never be necessary for your family to be concerned with violations of bus rules, you and your child should be aware of the discipline procedures designed to correct problems. Please take a few moments to go over these rules. The consequences of inappropriate behavior or actions on the bus are fully explained in the Student Code of Conduct.

    Please note: incidents involving major violations described in the student code of conduct may result in a suspension of riding privileges; students may also be charged for any damage caused to the bus and/or for the cleaning of graffiti from the bus.

    Bus stops are reviewed carefully on an ongoing basis for safety and effectiveness. As per state requirements, bus stops may be no closer than a minimum of 600 feet and may be subject to other state, district or homeowner association guidelines.

    By working together we can safeguard your child from potential hazards associated with all aspects of transportation, both on and off the bus. We hope you and your child have a productive and safe year.

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