PALS (Peer Mediation)

  • Oue Peer Mediators reduce students conflicts at recess and on campus A PAL is a peer mediator, someone who helps other students solve problems during recess time on the playground.


    How do you become a PAL?
    Teachers nominate students in grades 4-6 who have demonstrated that they are classroom leaders, trustworthy, and helpful. They recommend students who follow the A.R.T. code. Teachers choose students who are good role models and who have good grades. Once students are selected to be peer mediators, they need parent/guardian permissions to participate in the program. Students attend training early in the school year to learn about the mediation process and their job duties. 


    What do PALS do?
    PALS are available to help students during recess times. Students can work with the peer mediators during this time for help with arguments, name calling, rumors, and friendship problems. PALS do not help with homework, playing games, physical fights, or personal problems. PALS only help students who want help.


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