Physical Education

  • Students participating in a game of basketball Physical education activities play a integral part of a student's overall educational experience. These activities teach our students values such as commitment, discipline, hard work, leadership, team work, and physical fitness. All of which are a foundation for academic success. Participation in athletic activities contributes to the physical, emotional, and social health of our students.


    • Students not wearing the proper tennis shoe for PE will not be allowed to participate and lose the daily PE points earned for that day.
    • Flip Flops and/or the half tennis shoe flip flop are not allowed for PE.
    • Student must have tennis shoes tightly tied for PE.
    • Students will keep their pants or shorts waist high during PE.


    • Students earn daily points for good sportsmanship demonstrated in PE.
    • Students will lose participation points for poor sportsmanship demonstrated in PE.
    • Students will display good sportsmanship to fellow classmates during PE.
    • Students will be respectful to other classmates and teacher during PE
    • Students should display leadership and help others during PE.


    • Students will lose all their daily participation points for the day for Inappropriate/Unsafe Behavior in PE.
    • Inappropriate/Unsafe behavior will result in a time out or a separate physical activity for remaining portion of the period.
    • Repeated display of Inappropriate /unsafe behavior will result in immediate call home to family member.
    • Horseplay, pushing, hitting, shoving, kicking and wrestling WILL NOT BE TOLERATED in PE.


    • Students are not to touch any of the sporting equipment until instructed to do so in PE.
    • Each student is responsible for putting away the equipment she/he used into the cart or equipment bag(s) neatly at the end of the period.
    • Broken equipment due to unsafe use or deliberate destruction will result in student buying new piece of equipment to replace the broken piece of equipment.


    Student will have the opportunity to make up missed PE periods by doing extra exercise during PE or can write a one-page paper on the sport of their choice.


    Parents/Guardian if you would like to volunteer or share a sport or activity in PE please let me know. I look forward to having a fun year with your son/daughter.


    Parents and students at the beginning of each school year read and agree to follow the PE rules and guidelines for the DeGrazia PE Program. Rules forms can be obtained from the PE teacher.