Think Time

  • We are committed to quality education for all students.  All students deserve the most positive educational experience possible for academic and social growth.  We have a set of well-defined school wide expectations that were developed to promote a safe, nurturing classroom environment that is conducive to learning.  To create such an environment we teach, encourage, coach, and reinforce appropriate behavior to help students follow the classroom rules. 

    We also use a discipline technique called THINK TIME to create a positive classroom environment whenever a student exhibits a behavior that is disruptive to the class.  The technique emphasized the seriousness of education, respectfulness of the classroom environment, and the importance of students taking responsibility for their own behavior. 

    THINK TIME has three parts:

    1. The first part is designed to allow students to focus and gain self-control by asking them to either sit off to the side of the class or to move to another classroom. 
    2. The second part involves providing the student with feedback about their behavior and an opportunity for him or her to plan for future success in the classroom. 
    3. Part three involves feedback that will keep parents informed about their child’s behavior. 

    We encourage you to join us in a cooperative and supportive effort to provide a safe classroom and school environment that is conducive to learning.