Field Day

  • Students active during Field Day Each spring our school holds an annual PE Field Day. This day is set aside for grade levels to come together to have fun and participate in two dozen plus event stations. These stations include activities that students have learned in their PE classes, as well as a break station with cold water. Field Day is designed to encourage students to stay active in a variety of different activities. Field Day includes a good watering soaking to cool the students down. Usually the Northwest Fire Department is scheduled to come out and spray the students just before the end of field day to cool them off. Sometimes, due to scheduling conflicts the fire department is unable to support Field Day. If this happens the students are soaked with a water hose to cool down.


    Field Day is usually scheduled near the end of April after the AIMS tests have been given. Check our school calendar for the exact date for Field Day for this school year.


    I am always looking for adult volunteers to help on Field Day. Please contact me at any time if you are interested in helping on field day. Volunteers work the different activity stations to ensure that the Field Day runs smoothly. Volunteers also help with the water station making sure that we have plenty of cool water to drink. I am always looking for new fun and challenging activities that the students will enjoy on Field Day. So, if you know of an activity please let me know.


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