Professional Learning Communities

  • Quail Run Teachers and Specialists collaborate together as Professional Learning Communities (PLC's).  These PLC's focus on student academics, curricular assessments, and continued methods and strategies to build best practices for student achievement. 

    Student academic goals include: 

    • Improvement of student use of oral and written language by implementing specific language strategies.
    • Improvement of student achievement in reading by implementing research based reading practices.  
    • Improvement of math skills by encouraging students to build their problem solving skills, mathematical thinking skills, and daily math facts.  Grades Kindergarten through Sixth continue to plan and discuss needed skills for students’ daily success.
    • The Social Studies and Science curriculum is taught with effective materials and implementation of newly adopted textbooks.  Teachers and Specialists continue to collaborate the integration of these content areas with reading, writing, and spelling.

    Our PLC's offer teachers dedicated time to analyze and discuss student data to plan instruction and develop plans for professional development and training for best practices and student achievement