Counseling Group Information

  • Counseling small groups are a part of Marana School District’s Comprehensive School Guidance and Counseling Program. The general goals of the small counseling groups are (1) to help students learn effective communication skills, (2) to help students learn valuable coping skills, (3) to help students recognize how feelings and behaviors are related to academic performance, and (4) to provide an opportunity for children to help each other through sharing feelings and experiences in a safe environment.


    Each small group will run for approximately 1 semester. The groups will be held weekly for 30 minutes in length sometime during the school day. Groups will be formed based on the needs of students, parents, and staff. Groups typically have five to eight students participating at one time.  If there are not enough children for a particular group, the group will either be postponed or will not be offered.


    The counselor of Twin Peaks Elementary School provides students with a safe environment in which to practice their skills, explore their ideas, feelings, attitudes and hopes.  School counseling groups do not replace outside counseling services. School guidance counseling offers support, not therapy.  However, if you feel your child would benefit from therapy, please call the school counselor if you need help locating outside agencies.


    If you are interested in having your child participate in a small group, please fill out the Student Information/Parent Permission Form and return it to your child's teacher or directly to the counselor.  You know your child best, so any information you can provide will assist in better meeting the needs of your child.