Counseling Groups Offered

    1. Changing Families: This group is for students whose family structure is in a state of change due to separation or divorce. Students will gain support from other students dealing with the same issues, and learn how to manage the “roller coaster ride” of feelings they may have due to the change.

    2. Cool Cubs: Everyone gets angry. It’s how you respond to your feelings that make the difference. Students will learn to recognize their feelings, what may trigger their anger and how to feel angry less often and less intensely. Students will learn how to deal with their anger in ways that lead to solutions, rather than creating problems.

    3. Coping Cubs: This group is for students who have experienced the death and/or serious illness of a loved one within the past few years and whose grief may be interfering with his or her life.

    4. Dealing with Deployment:  This group is for students who are dealing with the deployment of a parent/guardian. Students will be given a safe place to express and cope with their feelings about having someone they love in the military.

    5. Friendship Circle: This group is geared towards students who may have difficulties making and keeping friends. Students will learn to appreciate what they have to offer friends and be supported while learning skills necessary for getting to know others in a positive way.

    6. Kinder Friends: This group is especially for kindergartners!  Students will learn how to recognize and express their comfortable and uncomfortable feelings appropriately. Students will learn how to cooperate, take turns and other important skills for being a great friend.

    7. Middle School: Students in the 6th-8th grade will be given positive alternatives to their personal behavior that will result in better relationships throughout their lives. Some of the topics we discuss include friendships, communication skills , conflict resolution, self-esteem and expressing feelings appropriately.

    8. Mindful Moments: Mindfulness is the practice of paying attention and, in a particular way, on purpose. Students will learn basic mindful practices they can use every day and gain valuable coping skills that work on slowing down, being more intentional (doing things on purpose rather than doing them through habit) increasing awareness and attention to what is happening in each moment.

    9. Positive People: This group offers students the opportunity to acknowledge personal strengths & positive qualities, to learn to manage negative thinking and to build on positive characteristics.  Students struggling with low self-esteem will learn skills to deal with life when things don’t go “right,” and will be encouraged and supported as valuable citizens.

    10. Relaxation & Learning:  This group is designed to help students see through the stress and anxiety in their lives and focus on important concepts of self-understanding and long-term personal growth while building self-esteem. Students will practice relaxation strategies and how to manage negative thinking that they can use both at home and in the classroom.

    11. Step Up to Better Grades: This group is for 3rd-6th grade students that need additional skills for classroom learning. Being successful in school and building a solid academic foundation is important to future success. Students will learn how to “STEP UP” by eliminating distractions, becoming organized, planning assignments/projects, paying attention, understanding directions, and studying effectively.

    12. Taking Allergies to School:  It’s challenging having an allergy to certain foods, especially when there is a school party or someone sitting next to you at lunch eating something that could potentially be life-threatening.  Students with food allergies will be given the opportunity to talk about the challenges of living with a food allergy in addition to learning how to handle certain situations, reading labels vigilantly, and following avoidance strategies to maintain control over a food allergy.