Students Returning After A Health Event*

  • *(Includes surgery, hospitalization (medical/behavioral), wheelchair, casts or orthopedic devices) 

    Health Services strives to provide a safe environment, including injury risk reduction for students. Cases are handled on an individual basis depending on the type of injury, age and maturity of the student. 

    • Parents are advised to contact the school Health Office in advance if their child has a condition that will affect mobility, the ability to navigate the school campus safely or require additional health office assistance.
    • The nurse is the primary contact for coordinating care with the principal, school personnel, student, and parents.
    • The Health Assistant at the elementary school will contact the Health Service Facilitator or nurse for all student health concerns.
    • Students unable to bear weight require written medical clearance. The clearance should include:
      • diagnosis
      • prognosis and restrictions
      • precautions and weight bearing status
      • P.E. participation
      • Accommodation is required, i.e. elevation of extremity, rest periods 
      • Maximum weight to be carried by student regarding books or backpack
      • Recess time
      • Endurance limitations
    • Safety issues the school needs to address with parental input before re-entry to school. 
      • Mode of transportation to and from school with consideration for crutches/wheelchair
      • Environmental obstacles (steps, ramps, hallways, etc.)
      • Assistance at the cafeteria
      • Assistance with books/book bag
      • Access to classrooms and other areas on campus
      • Safety checks for wheelchairs (brakes, seatbelt, footrest, elevating leg rests, anti-tippers)
      • Assistance with bathroom needs
    • Student may be accompanied by 1 or 2 friends for passing periods/recess.
    • Students are not permitted to transport other students in their wheelchair while on campus.

    Revised 7/10/19