Immunization Information

  • Before individuals can attend any Arizona school or child care center (public or private), Arizona law requires that a verifiable, up to date immunization record be presented to the school or child care staff by a parent or guardian.

    Pre-Teen Vaccine Information for Parents provided through the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

    Immunization Requirements

    The Arizona Department of Health Services website provides detailed information regarding Child Care Immunization Requirements and Resources for Child Care Centers, Preschool and Head Start and School Immunization Requirements and Resources for Kindergarten through 12th Grade. 

    Personal Beliefs Exemption

    If immunizations are against your personal beliefs, exemption forms are available in your child's health office.

    Medical Exemption

    If your child has a medical condition which contraindicates administration of one or more immunizations, the child can be exempted from immunizations.  Requests for such exemptions must be completed and signed by both a parent and the child's physician and must be submitted before registration can be completed. Contact your Health Office for forms.

    NOTE:  If the child is exempt and there is a disease outbreak that child will not be allowed to return to school/childcare until the risk period ends.

    The law does not allow parents/guardians to claim exemption simply due to lost or incomplete immunization records.