From the Health Office

  • Healthy children learn better. Please keep in mind the basics of healthy living as you teach your child good life-long health habits.


    What you can do as a parent to boost your child’s immune system:

    • Be sure they get plenty of rest each night.
    • Encourage healthy foods: Offer lots of fruits and vegetables and whole-grains; limit junk foods such as sweets and chips; have regular mealtimes; encourage water for thirst instead of soda pop or juice.
    • Be sure your children get DAILY exercise out in the fresh air whenever possible.
    • Avoid exposing your child to second-hand smoking, either in the house or in the car.
    • Teach your children to keep their bodies and hair clean(daily showers/shampoo),use deodorant as needed, to brush their teeth twice a day, wash their hands often, and not to share drinks.