Off-Freeway Performers

  • Drama Students showing team spiritWelcome to Advanced Drama-- in this class we will explore the world of acting through different techniques. Topics to include but not limited to: monologue, duet scene, improvisation, movement, stage make-up, Shakespeare etc. This is a performance class. There will be many in-class performances and four formal performances.

    Our Vision Statement:
    With Pride we act
    With Respect we listen
    With Responsibility we lead. 

    Supplies needed

    Everyday supplies needed:

    • A sharpened pencil (pens are not allowed)
    • 3 ring binder with paper and Clear page protectors

    Performance Advanced Drama:

    • Skins Girls Flesh colored Leotard, 
    • Boys slide pants and undershirt
    • Character Shoes Black (purchased through the book store $20)
    • Personal Stage makeup kit (purchased through the bookstore $20)

    Off-Freeway Performers T-Shirt $15 optional paid to the bookstore