Off-Campus ID

  • Leaving campus at lunch is a privilege and not a right.  Only Juniors and Seniors, who have completed 11 credits, have no failing grades and haven’t received any school discipline referrals are eligible for an off-campus ID card.  A special off-campus ID card is necessary to leave campus during the lunch break.  It does not allow the student to leave campus at any other time.  Parents may not authorize off-campus lunch privileges for a student that does not qualify for an off-campus ID.  We will re-evaluate each student with an off-campus ID each quarter to ensure they are meeting the requirements.  At the end of each quarter, students that continue to keep the off-campus privileges will be given a designated week to go to the Bookstore and be issued a renewal sticker by the Bookstore staff.  Any student that leaves campus without permission or a current off-campus ID card may be restricted from campus until a parent conference is held.  The administration reserves the right to revoke off-campus IDs at any time for inappropriate behavior, chronic tardies or truancy when returning from lunch.