I.D. Cards

  • Students are expected to have an official school-issued identification card at all times while on campus.  This card will be issued at registration at the bookstore for a $5.00 fee; replacement for lost or stolen cards will be $5.00.  Students are required to present this card when requested to do so by any school employee or official.  Any student without the school identification card may be restricted from class/school until a parent conference is held with an administrator.  The identification card must be presented for admission to all school sponsored activities.


    A special I.D./Off Campus pass is necessary to be off campus.  This I.D. allows the student to leave campus during lunch.  It does not allow the student to leave campus at any other time.  Students with freshman or sophomore enrollment status will not be allowed to obtain an off campus I.D.  Parents may not authorize off campus lunch privileges for a student who does not qualify for an off-campus ID.  The off campus I.D. is issued only with parent/guardian signed permission and phone confirmation, or a personal visit.  In order to maintain off-campus ID privileges, students must maintain a passing grade in all of their classes. At the end of each quarter, students with off-campus ID privileges will need to renew their off-campus ID in the bookstore. Students who are passing all of their classes will be issued a renewal sticker by bookstore staff members.  Any student who leaves campus without permission or campus pass may be restricted from campus until a parent conference is held.  Lost off campus I.D. cards will not be replaced unless the fee is paid.