Fall Sports

  • MHS fall sports include:

    Cheerleading - Alyssa Fischer Email
    Cross Country - Chris Atkins Email  
    Football - Louis Ramirez Email  
    Men's Golf - Brian Johnson Email
    Women's Golf - George Corona Email
    Swim - Patrick Roberts Email
    Women's Volleyball - Jennifer Ball Email
    Chess - Jeremy Huish email

    Fall sports schedules are as follows:


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Varsity Football: Game starts at 7:00PM

JV Football: Game starts at 6:00PM

Boys Golf: Game starts at 3:30PM

FR/SO Football: Game starts at 6:00PM

Girls Golf: Game starts at 3:00PM

Swim: Meet starts at 4:00PM

Girls Volleyball: Games start - Freshman @ 4PM; JV @ 5PM; Varsity @ 6PM