Student Support Groups

  • Student Assistance for Everyone
    Support groups provide a safe, supportive environment where students can talk about challenges in their lives. In an atmosphere of trust and warmth, members can share concerns, formulate goals, support each other, and grow in a positive direction. Issues range from low feelings or self-worth and difficulty in making and keeping friendships to concern for the use of drugs and alcohol by self and others.
    Groups meet on during the school day. New groups will start at different times throughout the school year. 

    Please read the purpose, goals, and guidelines describing support group. If you would like more information please reach out to your student(s)’ counselor.                                                    


    • To provide a safe place for us to share our needs, our feelings, our thoughts, and ourselves.
    • To provide support in working through any concerns we have in our lives. 


    • To learn to express feelings and ask for our wants and needs appropriately.
    • To learn healthy communication skills.
    • To learn that we are responsible for our own lives and, based on our choices we have the power to change.
    • To learn about treating others and ourselves with respect. 


    • Confidentiality– What is said in-group, stays in-group.
      • Exceptions: Someone is hurting you, harm to self or others
    • All beliefs are respected.
    • Everyone has the right to be heard and speaks for himself or herself.
    • No “put downs” to self or others.
    • Everyone has the right to pass and share at his or her comfort level.
    • Listen until the person sharing finishes.
    • No interruptions or side conversations and cell phones away.
    • Attend every meeting and be on time.
    • Make up the work in the class you are missing to attend group. 

    Frequently Asked Questions 

    What is a support group?

    A support group provides a confidential setting where you can share your thoughts and feelings in a safe and caring environment. It is led by counselors, teachers, social workers, and other concerned members of the staff. 

    How often do we meet?

    We will meet in a group room one period a week for 8 weeks. 

    How do we get out of class to attend?
    You will report directly to the group at the beginning of class. You are responsible for making of missed assignments and homework. 

    What will I gain by taking part in a group? 

    • The safe, confidential environment of group meetings will provide you with an opportunity to express yourself and your feelings.
    • You may find that you have concerns that are similar to others in the group and realize that you are not alone.
    • You may come to understand yourself and others in the group more clearly. This understanding may help you to evaluate attitudes and behaviors that you may choose to change.
    • You may learn additional skills for managing your personal life and discover new ways to utilize your strengths. 

    What will be expected of me?

    • I will keep group discussions confidential.
    • I will be on time.
    • I will be respectful and honest with others and myself.
    • I will interact by listening, responding, and encouraging others in the group.
    • I will be willing to try out new behaviors and attitudes.
    • I will complete work from the class I missed.