Drop & Schedule Change Policy

  • Schedule Changes: 

    Requests for schedule changes must be submitted within the first week of each semester. Schedule changes may be grated based on the availability of the requested class for the following reasons: 

    • A course was taken after registration, in summer school or off-campus-needs verification
    • A course was failed after registration, - needs verification
    • An incorrect placement has occurred- needs verification
    • A computer error was made- verification through registration materials
    • Student hasn't met pre-requisite for course- verified through course history
    • A required course is missing from the students schedule

    All other requests for schedule changes must be approved by administration. Consideration will be given on the availability of the class and instructional impact of the requested change. After the 1st week of each semester, parents and students should initiate requests for schedule changes by first contacting the teacher to resolve concerns. Students requesting to drop an Advanced Placement (AP) course should expect to meet with both the teacher and their counselor to determine the impact of this change. Messages for teachers may be left by calling 579-4400 or emailing, email addresses can be accessed through ParentVUE or the staff directory on the MVHS website. 

    Schedule changes will not be made in order to request a specific teacher or to move the time of day for a class in order to reduce a senior’s schedule mid-year. 

    Schedule changes for the fall semester will be made starting during registration through the first week of the fall semester. Schedule changes for the spring semester will be considered until the end of the first week of the spring semester.

    Drop Policy- Dropping Courses
    9th-11th grade students may not drop a course for a shortened schedule. Only 12th graders may drop a class for "no credit" if they have enough credits to meet graduation requirements. This may be done prior to the end of 1st or 3rd quarters, for a grade of no credit "NC." After the start of the 2nd or 4th quarters, seniors electing to drop a course will receive an ''F'' on their record, instead of "no credit." Seniors requesting to drop a course must have parent permission.