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    You can use the links within this section to access any of our online learning options from anywhere you have internet access.  

    Google- Chromebook Help

    Logging in to your MUSD Google account?  Here is the format used for your login: 

    To Determine Your Email Address:
    Take the first initial of your first name (John)
    Your full last name (Doe) 
    (ALL last names if there is more than one)
    And the last 4 digits of your Perm ID (123456789)
    Remove all symbols and spaces including dashes(-) and apostrophes(‘)
    Your result should look like:

    To Determine Your Password

    Take your first and last initials (John Doe)(lowercase)
    And your FULL Perm ID (123456789)

    Your result should look like:

    Helpful hint: You cannot login to a device with a personal Google account and your MUSD Google account.  You need to logout of your personal account in order for the MUSD to work.