College/University Options

  • There are many factors to consider when choosing a university, such as size and location of the campus, cost, degree programs, extra-curricular activities, and other opportunities like study abroad programs. Begin researching schools early, certainly by your junior year, and use to help you with this process. If possible, visit the campus, or campuses, that you think you might want to attend.

    Factors to consider when searching for colleges:

    • Programs Of Study Or Major: Are the programs or majors that you are considering offered at the schools you are looking at?
    • School Size: Are you looking for a large university? Medium? Small campus?
    • Class Size: Do you want to be in a large classroom setting or a small classroom setting where you get more one-on-one teacher attention?
    • Location: Are the schools you're interested in, located in an area that you would be okay living in?
    • Distance From Home: Are you looking for a college where you can easily come home or are you  looking to be farther away?
    • Extracurricular Activities: Are you interested in a school that has a lot of extracurricular activities for you to be involved in?
    • Athletics: Are you looking to play a sport in college? Does the college you're looking at give you an opportunity to do so?
    • Religious affiliation: Are you looking to attend a school that has religious ties?
    • Cost: This is unfortunately a big part in picking a college. Are you looking at colleges you can afford or that you will get enough financial aid to attend?
    • Financial Aid Options: Will this school provide you with the financial aid that you are in need of?
    • Outside Learning Options/Study Abroad Program: Are you looking for internships, research opportunities or the opportunity to studying abroad? Does the school you're looking at provide those opportunities?  
    • Climate: Is the campus LGBTQA friendly, diverse, politically diverse, religiously diverse, etc.?      
    • Support Programs: Do they have programs to support their students, tutoring, etc.? 
    • Campus Culture: high level of activities, sports oriented, socially oriented, academically oriented.
    • Campus Culture: high level of activities, sports oriented, socially oriented, academically oriented