College Application Process

  • Review the process below when applying to the college of your choice.  

    • Apply to the school (most schools prefer online applications). Some students may have to fill out a supplemental application depending on what they plan to study. Make sure you fill out the supplemental  application if you are required to do so.
    • Pay your application fee (If you are in need of a fee waiver, please come see your counselor).
    • Request to have your transcripts sent to the schools you are applying to. 
    • Standardized test scores: Most schools are going to want to see your SAT and/or ACT scores. Some schools may even need you to take and send SAT II scores as well.
    • Letter(s) of recommendation: Some colleges require letter(s) of recommendation from your counselor and/or a teacher(s). Make sure if you need these you give the individuals you are asking ample time to write your letter. As counselors we ask for 10 school days.
    • Essay: Most colleges now require one or more essays as part of your application. 
    • Interview: Some colleges require you to have an admissions interview, while others just have the possibility of you doing one. If it is required, get an appointment set-up. If it is not required, it is still a good idea to set up an interview because it gives you a chance to make a personal connection with someone who could have a voice in deciding whether or not you are offered admission.
    • Auditions and Portfolios- If you're applying for a program in music, art, theater or a similar subject, you may have to provide samples of your work to demonstrate your ability. 

    Military Academies

    If you are considering applying to a military academy, BE AWARE that they have many different requirements (often times much earlier deadlines, nominations, etc.) to fulfill then other public/private universities or colleges. Please visit the military academies' link to the left and explore each individual academy's website. Also, please come in and see your counselor so we can connect you with the academy's admissions representative.