Financial Aid and Scholarships

  • There are a 3 ways in which students can help pay for college: 

    Merit-Based Scholarships:

    These are awarded based on a students merits and/or accomplishments in areas such as academics, athletics, music, art, or extracurricular endeavors. Both colleges and organizations offer merit-based scholarships. Some you will automatically apply for with your college application but most you will have to find and apply for on your own. There are methods to find scholarships:

    • Use the MVHS Counseling and Career Center scholarship board.
    • Find scholarships on your own using a variety of resources including:
    • Internet search engines
    • Your counselor
    • College and Career Center
    • Your teachers
    • Businesses & civic organizations
    • Check with the college(s) you are applying to directly. Most have a scholarship website or you can call their admissions/financial aid office. 

    Need-Based Scholarships:

    These scholarships are based partially or completely on a student's financial need. The Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) is required to be eligible for these scholarships. As with merit scholarships, they can be offered by both colleges and organizations. Use the same methods outlined above to assist you in finding them. 

    Financial Aid:

    Financial aid is based solely on a student's financial need which is his or her ability government calculated ability to pay for school, based on the results of the FAFSA. Financial aid can be awarded as:

    • Grants
    • Government Loans (You can also get private loans)
    • Work-Study

    The FAFSA for the upcoming school year can be filled out beginning October 1. Your family's taxes should be done since the FAFSA uses 2 year old income taxes in order to complete it. Submit it early to be eligible for most grants and aid. 

    Scholarship Organizations to consider:

    The following organizations may also be helpful for scholarship opportunities