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High School Academies

  • Welcome to Mountain View High School. We are so glad that you will be joining the Pride! Along with choosing your classes and extra-curricular activities, students are also asked to select an Academy.

    Academies are chosen by the students based on career interests. Mountain View academies are…

    • Academy of the Arts (AOTA)
    • Business and Human Services (BHS)
    • Health and Medical Sciences (HMS)
    • Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM)

    Academies give you a place to belong. For instance, your Instructional Intervention period will consist of students from your graduating class who also belong to your academy. This is a great way to meet students with similar goals! Academies help you personalize your education. Through electives and clubs, you will
    see the connection between what you are learning in class and your interests. They are a great way to explore different career paths, discover your passions, and set goals!


    We are all proud to be Mountain Lions, but academies help you discover your place on campus… and in the world! Which Academy is best for YOU? View the academies from the page menu to help you decide.