Parental Rights

  • Rights & Responsibilities
    The following is a very short summary of your parental rights. For a complete copy, please contact the Special Education Office at (520) 682-4782 or contact your child’s school. You may also download the Procedural Safeguards Notice provided below.

    Summary of Rights

    • Right to informed consent on evaluations and placement
    • Right to be involved in all decision making
    • Right to have copies or examine records
    • Right to obtain an independent evaluation
    • Right to prior written notice
    • Right to due process
    • Right to appeal decisions
    • Right to ‘Stay Put’ in child’s current placement
    • Right to information on discipline procedures
    • Right to voluntary mediation
    • Right to notification of assigned surrogate parent
    • Right to information on transfer of rights at age 18
    • Responsibility to notify school of private placement 

    Permission to Evaluate

    If an evaluation of your child is necessary, you will be asked to sign a Permission to Evaluate form. 

    During an evaluation, various testing and evaluation techniques will be used. All results will be shared with you at a meeting called a Multi-Disciplinary Conference (MDC). At that time, if there is enough information, your child may be diagnosed with a disability. Your input will also be welcome at that time.

Procedural Safeguards Notice