Twice Exceptional Gifted Students

  • Gifted education is a guaranteed part of the Twice-Exceptional gifted student's school day and GEM teachers are encouraged to serve as mentors and advocates for these students. 

    House Bill 2552/Section 15-779.01

    “Identification of gifted pupils as provided in this subsection shall be based on tests or subtests that are demonstrated to be effective with special populations including those with a disability or difficulty with the English language.” 

    Gifted students with other disabilities are considered Twice Exceptional. There are a variety of types of Twice-Exceptionality including:

    • Gifted students with physical disabilities
    • Gifted students with sensory disabilities
    • Gifted students with Asperger Syndrome
    • Gifted students with emotional and/or behavior disorders
    • Gifted students with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder
    • Gifted students with learning disabilities (National Education Association, 2006)

    These students may exhibit discrepancy between measured academic potential and actual classroom performance. Initial focus on accommodations for their disability may over-shadow recognition of their cognitive abilities. 

    In order for these children to reach their potential, the GEM teacher will ensure that individual intellectual strengths be recognized and nurtured, while appropriately accommodating their disability.  

    The GEM teacher will actively collaborate with the classroom teacher and special education teacher to ensure that each student’s IEP goals or 504 accommodations are appropriately met for each individual child. Students will continue to receive their regular special education services on their GEM day.