Wheelchair Standards Letter

  • Dear Parent or Guardian: 

    The Marana Unified School District has been entrusted with the safety of your child and all students who ride school buses. This is a great responsibility, which we take very seriously. To make it possible to transport your child with special needs safely, there are certain standards that need to be net regarding wheelchairs. 

    1. The wheelchair must be equipped with a lap belt in good working condition.
    2. The brakes must be functional. The wheels cannot move when the brakes are applied. To perform the brake test, set the wheelchair brakes and push the wheelchair forward. If the wheels turn, the brakes need to be adjusted.
    3. All pneumatic tires must be properly inflated.
    4. If the wheelchair is equipped with arm, foot and/or headrests, they must be in place.
    5. Anti-tippers must be properly positioned in the downward position.
    6. Your child must be properly positioned in his/her wheelchair with any additional postural/positioning straps secured.

    Thank you for helping ensure the safety of your child. Your cooperation is appreciated. If you have any questions regarding this information, please call the Transportation Office at 682-4766 or contact your child’s physical therapist.

    MUSD Transportation Department
    MUSD Physical Therapy Department
    Sarah Clem, Director of Exceptional Student Services