Frequent Questions

  • Q. Do I need my Chromebook for the blended, flexible or classroom support option?


    A. For the Summer of 2020 ONLY: Students in grades 9-11, or Seniors who are completing graduation requirements- Chromebooks and MUSD Google accounts will be active through 6/15.  In June we will send an inquiry to find out who will need continued access to devices and accounts throughout the summer.  Please watch for this email and make sure you respond.  Problems with your account or Chromebook?  Please email MUSD technical support


    Q. Can I contact Summer Success using my MUSD school Gmail account?


    A. Please do not use your MUSD gmail account to email Summer Success.  It will be blocked and not get through to our domain.  You must use an "outside" personal email address to contact Summer Success at


    Q. Where can I find registration dates and information for Summer Success?


    A. Each Summer Success advancement option course has different session & registration/deadline dates.  Please visit the Summer Success page and click through the "Learn more" link for each individual advancement option, for course information.