2022-23 Quail Run 1st Grade Supply List

  • These ESSENTIAL supplies are for your student’s personal use:

    • 1 Composition Notebook (no spiral notebooks!)
    • Pair of scissors

    • 1 box 24 ct. twistable crayons

    • Pair of over the ear headphones (no ear buds)

    • 24 ct. Ticonderoga pencils

    • 10 ct. Washable Markers

    • 1  three ring Pencil Pouch 

    The following donations will be collected at the beginning of the year and distributed as needed:

    • 8 pack of Glue sticks

    • 2 boxes of tissues

    • 1 package of ALL Black dry erase markers (expo or amazon basic brand)

    • 1 box of Ziploc bags (gallon & sandwich)

    • 4 pack chunky pink erasers 

    We’ve distributed donations of the following high use grade level supplies by last name: 

    A-G: a box of staples and or paper clips

    H-O: Paper plates or paper bowls

    O-Z: brown paper lunch bags 

    Wish List:

    • Heat-activated laminating sheets
    • One inch 3 ring binders