2022-23 Quail Run 2nd Grade Supply List

  • Welcome to second grade. We are very excited to meet our 2nd grade squad! Each classroom will have a Toy Story theme! We can’t wait for you to see it!

    These are the necessary supplies your child will need to bring. Please feel free to bring them on open house.


    • Over the ear headphones (not earbuds)
    • Colored pencils
    • One box of crayons
    • Two boxes of tissue
    • Five glue sticks
    • Dry erase markers (at least ten– preferably Expo black) Three boxes of pencils (Please no pencil sharpeners or refillable pencils)

    Any donations of the following that you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

    WISH List

    • 18”x12” white construction paper
    • White or colored cardstock
    • Gallon, quart and/or sandwich sized Ziploc bags
    • Small toys for the goodie box
    • Markers (not dry erase)
    • Gift certificates to Michaels, Walmart, and Office Max are always appreciated! These will be used for classroom supplies.

    You are welcome to bring a water bottle to school since it will be hot when school starts.

    We are asking that you bring a note from your parent on the first day letting us know where you will go after school. We will also need to know what your regular after school schedule will be.

    Please make sure you bring either a lunch or lunch money.

    We are planning a fun first day for you and we know that the entire year will be filled with great fun and learning.

    We will see you soon!

    Mrs. Lee, Mrs. Sampson and Mrs. Bailey