2022-23 Quail Run 4th Grade Supply List

  • We would like to welcome you to fourth grade at Quail Run!  We have a very exciting year planned.  Here are the supplies that are needed for this school year…

    Note: Please make sure to put your child’s name on all supplies.              

    • 3 plastic pocket folders
    • Crayola markers
    • Colored pencils
    • Expo dry erase markers (black only)
    • Tissues* these will go towards class supplies
    • Scissors
    • Headphones for our Chromebooks
    • A wireless mouse is not required but would be helpful for your student to navigate their Chromebook!

    Some extra supplies for the class that would be greatly appreciated:

    • White copy paper
    • Gallon zip lock bags
    • Astrobrights computer paper
    • Extra expo markers
    • Post-it notes

    Thank you!  We are excited to share this next year with you and look forward to meeting you!!

    Ms. Koellisch, Ms. Leoni, and Ms. Cascioli