User Insurance Plan

  • Eligibility:  All students who take their Chromebooks back and forth from home to school can purchase insurance. 

    Within two (2) weeks of receiving the device, Marana Unified School District offers a non-refundable insurance program for student assigned Chromebooks. The insurance applies to any device purchased or owned by Marana Unified School District, whether it is the initially issued Chromebook, a temporary loaner device, or a replacement. 

    • $30 per school year.
    • Covers theft of device upon furnishing MUSD with a copy of the police report

    • Covers ACCIDENTAL damage

    • Does not cover intentional, excessive, or repetitive damage

    • Does not cover the Chromebook charger/power adapter (replacement chargers will be available for purchase through the school) 

    If parent(s)/guardian(s)/student(s) choose to decline the User Insurance Plan, they will be held responsible for all fines/fees. 

    If the Chromebook is unrepairable or if the device is lost, then the parent(s)/guardian(s)/student will be charged the full cost to replace the Chromebook through the district’s vendor. The assigned school administrator, in conjunction with the MUSD Technology Department, will make the final determination of insurance coverage in repair situations. 

    If the device is reported stolen, parent(s)/guardian(s)/student(s) will be required to furnish a police report to Marana Unified School District and meet with a school administrator. 

    Loaned devices are considered to be an extension of the initially issued device. Meaning, should a temporarily loaned Chromebook suffer damage, the student who possesses it is responsible for any associated fines or fees. Previous users of a loaned device will not be taken into consideration when assessing damages to a loaner device. 

    User Insurance Payment Options 

    1. Prepay online on the Marana Unified School District Webpage
    2. Check or Cash - Pay the day of issuance of Chromebook
    3. Payment waiver - If you qualify for the National School Free and Reduced Lunch