Meet the Associate Principal - Tawnya Caldwell

  • Tawnya Caldwell Tawnya Caldwell, Associate Principal of Marana Middle School, has an extensive history within the Marana Unified School District.  Ms. Caldwell began her career as a teacher with the District in 1998 after obtaining a Bachelor’s Degree in Elementary Education from the University of Arizona in 1997. Through her love of children, community and education, Ms. Caldwell quickly grew within the District to accept positions as both an Assistant Principal and a Principal, prior to her arrival at Marana Middle School. 


    A passionate learner, Ms. Caldwell holds the safety, care and the education of children as a top priority, but she strives to instill a love of learning for both children and adults.   Having expanded her degree at the University of Arizona to include a Masters in Educational Leadership in May of 2009, Ms. Caldwell can speak firsthand to the importance of continued education.


    Devoted to her community, and passionate about our students, Ms. Caldwell transitioned last year to the role of School Support Specialist, expanding her knowledge to include supporting students with behaviors that impede them from learning at their fullest potential.  Ms. Caldwell also possesses a history of increasing student achievement, and a commitment to working with students in high-need areas.


    Tawnya is very excited to be part of the Falcon Family.  She plans to work tirelessly to encourage every student to be the best that they can be each day … inspiring them to be kind, passionate learners who will grow into great community members.