2022-23 6th Grade Supply List

  • We are excited you are joining us and look forward to a spectacular, fun-filled year of learning. We would like to make sure our students have the materials listed below to ensure a successful year. In addition, we are also asking for a $5 donation for planners. We appreciate your help and thank you for your support!!! 

    Essential Supplies for Personal Use 

    • 1- 1 in. flexible 3 ring binder (for math only)
    • 1- 2 in hardcover 3 ring binder (for all other classes) (No Trapper Keepers, or binders above 2 inches)
    • 1 folder (2 pockets, 3 hole punch to put in binder)
    • 2 composition notebooks (science, ELA)
    • 8-pack of plastic binder dividers 
    • Pencil bag or pencil box
    • Pencils (#2) or mechanical and lead
    • Package of pencil top erasers
    • Highlighters (different colors are preferable)
    • Pair of scissors
    • 1 pack of Crayola colored pencils
    • 1 pack of Crayola markers
    • 2 glue sticks
    • 2 boxes of tissues 
    • Earbuds that stay at school (must have cord, no wireless/bluetooth)
    • 1 pad Post-It notes

    General Supplies 

    The following donations would be helpful according to your last name:

    • A-L:  5-pack of black Sharpies for classroom use & 1 bottle of Elmer's glue
    • M-Z: Multi-pack of colored Sharpies for classroom use & package of 5 black whiteboard markers

    Wish List

    • White and colored copy paper
    • Sticky note chart paper 
    • Package of fine tip black Sharpies 
    • Package of clear plastic binder sleeves
    • Blue painters tape
    • Quart and gallon Ziploc bags
    • Paper towels
    • Tempera paint (all colors)