Meet the Associate Principal - Phil Tilicki

  • Phil Tilicki I am Phil Tilicki and I am your new Associate Principal! I am truly thrilled to be a Jaguar!  Working within a school setting is my passion. I believe that the K-8 setting is a fantastic place to call home, It was in a K-8 setting that I got my start in education, I have taught in a K-8, my children attended a K-8 and I have had an admin position in a K-8! I cannot contain my excitement to have this opportunity to work at Dove Mountain with such passionate and incredible people!  

    My professional education journey began in 1993 as a coach, then a substitute, next a middle school social studies teacher where I was the 504 coordinator, then, an athletic director, and assistant principal.  I have more than 25 years experience in education and have been an administrator for 12 years in the elementary, middle, high school, and K-8 settings. Watching children learn from talented educators, orchestrating schedules, planning, problem solving and being a leader in education is very important to me. 

    Personally, I am an Ohio native, UA and NAU graduate, and I recently celebrated my 25th wedding anniversary with my lovely wife Niki who is also an educator!  We have three beautiful children and three incredible grandkids. We love driving across the country visiting family and friends.  Hiking, sightseeing and taking pictures helps along the way and allows us to appreciate the beauty of this wonderful country.  Baseball is my favorite pastime and has brought together my family and friends in so many special ways. It has given some of the most special moments in my life from being a manager for the Arizona Wildcats to taking my dad and son to all 30 ballparks.  

    Phil Tilicki - Email
    Associate Principal, Operations/Athletics and Discipline/Attendance
    Dove Mountain CSTEM K-8
    Phone: (520) 579-4500

    Darcy Lynch
    Athletic Secretary - email   

    As Associate Principal, Mr. Tilicki oversees Operations/Athletics and Discipline/Attendance.